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The City Planning Office and the Office of Environmental Services are (organizationally) part of the Division of Planning and Development, within the Department of Community Development. Its mission:

  • To promote and protect the health, safety and general welfare of all residents by enhancing and conserving the social, economic and environmental health of the residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas by fostering the most appropriate use of municipal land and resources.

The City of Niagara Falls Planning Office: (716) 286-4470

  • Maintains the City’s comprehensive plan, including transportation, land use, housing, public service, community facilities and its other elements;
  • Administers zoning, subdivision and handles amendments to these and related codes;
  • Reviews special use permits such as group care, day care, some commercial recreation and other conditional uses;
  • Advises on disposition of City owned property, including dedication or vacation of streets, alleys and some easements;
  • Assists in capital improvements and economic development;
  • Helps with site planning and design for construction, sale, lease or use agreements involving City holdings;
  • Provides staff services to the City Officials, Planning Board, Board of Appeals and other boards on community development matters;
  • Provides some of the staff services for code enforcement, and other regulatory activities;
  • Maintains maps, aerial photography, demographics and other information related to community growth and change;
  • Works with schools, businesses, institutions and special districts, and with census, housing, conservation, preservation, highway, railroad, utility and other agencies as needed to ensure compliance with city development regulations and general consistency with our development goals.

While our mission is focused on zoning and physical planning and largely accomplished through zoning enforcement, site plan review and land use analysis, Planning is a comprehensive field, that requires the City’s Planning Office to have access to all kinds of information. On a typical day, the Planning and Environment Offices may field calls for land use regulations, floodplain data, demographics, brownfields, recycling, economic development, municipal operations or other topic.

The Office of Environmental Services

Alan Nusbaum, Environmental/GIS Coordinator 716-286-4462



Dates and locations for the City of Niagara Falls Planning Board Meetings- All meetings begin at 6:00PM.

9/27/17-Council Chambers CANCELLED Meeting Cancellation Notice

10/25/17-Room 17

11/15/17-Room 17 –Meeting Agenda


12/13/17-Council Chambers

12/27/17-Council Chambers


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