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Mayor Paul A. Dyster

Mayor Paul A. Dyster

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2016 State of the City Address by Mayor Paul A. Dyster

City Council members, fellow public officials, department heads, community leaders, ladies and gentlemen: 

Good evening and thank you for joining me for the 2016 State of the City Address.  As you'll recall, the address had to be postponed twice in 2014 due to inclement weather, and DPW had to face a number of weather-related challenges to keep the speech on schedule in 2015.  I know the weather wasn't perfect tonight, and I thank you all for coming out, but—hey—we're showing improvement in the weather year-to-year for the State of the City.  So that's our first accomplishment for 2016.

 Our second accomplishment for 2016, I hope, will be to set a new standard of brevity for the State of the City speech.  I have heard in past years from people with wildly over-optimistic times for dinner reservations that the speech is too long.  Well, perhaps.  I myself have noticed that over time it has evolved into a rather encyclopedic listing of pretty much everything happening in the city in which the City government is at all involved.  That's not much fun to write, and I suspect even less fun to listen to.

 So I'm going to try a somewhat different approach tonight.  We've organized the speech around the concept of things you ought to, need to, and would want to know about what has happened in the last year, what is happening now, and what is about to happen this next year in the City of Niagara Falls. Hopefully, just the high points, but more than enough to let you understand the course we are charting for the City's future.

 One of the biggest concerns for any community is public safety, so let's start there.  You may be concerned about reports of increases in violent crime from cities across the country.  You're even more concerned about what's happening here in New York, especially in our Upstate region, most of all right here in Niagara Falls.

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