Forestry Permit

The Director of Parks will permit the trimming or planting of trees to persons, firms or corporations under “Chapter 927 of Codified Ordinances pertaining to Trimming and Planting of City Trees”. Please read the link for the Chapter 927 Ordinance details. The Foresty Permit Application form is available online below. Information required on the form is also included below.

Forestry Permit Application Instructions

  1. Print the form and fill in the appropriate information.
    1. The application requires:
      1. The name and address of the applicant (identification required).
      2. Location and description of the city tree or trees to be trimmed or planted.
      3. The proposed extent of the work and the necessity for it.
      4. The name and address of the person, firm or corporation employed to do the work.
  2. Please bring your completed application to the Neighborhood Services Offices at 1785 New Road between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

All requests will be held pending pre-inspection.

Click here to view the Forestry Permit Application


Click here to view the Chapter 927 Ordinance

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