City of Niagara Falls Police Department Domestic Violence Information

domestic_crime_people_picUnit Phone Number: 716.286.4570

The Domestic Violence Investigative Unit (DVIU) was established in April, 2000. Located at the Public Safety Building at 1925 Main St., the DVIU consists of a Police Detective, Kathy Stack, and 2 victim advocates, Ericka Rowcroft, and Elaine Palmer along with an ADA to follow up cases of domestic violence. The DVIU serves to promote healthiness in our community by reducing the incidence of domestic violence, better coordinating the efforts of domestic violence service providers and by improving victim cooperation with the criminal justice system.

ericaThe Detective Bureau is responsible of apprehension of criminals, identifying and collecting evidence, identifying and recording statements of potential witnesses and victims, interviewing suspects, and presenting facts to the appropriate court for prosecution. Detectives generally continue crime investigations (primarily felonies) when the responding Officer’s preliminary investigation is complete. Detectives use various means and solvability factors to reach successfli conclusions to their cases. Good interpersonal communication skills and coordination of effort between various units and agencies are necessary to be successfli.

Certain detectives also specialize in such investigative areas as homicide, arson, and sex offenses. Additionally, background investigations for prospective pistol permit candidates are handled by this unit.

Tips for victims of domestic violence:

Getting help from an advocate

  • Advocates understand the criminal justice and Family Court systems and can make referrals for counseling and other services
  • Can assist you in making a safety plan.

Prepare a Safety Plan

  • Be aware of any weapons in the house
  • Know where you are going to go if you are in danger
  • Establish a secret hiding place, which is easily accessible in an emergency for an extra set of keys, some money, a list of important phone numbers & documents, extra set of clothes for you and the children.
  • Have a hiding place- a friend’s or family house, the shelter & etc.
  • Make sure your children are aware of your safety plan

Talk: Tell someone about the abuse

  • Speak to a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate; an advocate can be reached at 716.286.4570 or 716.286.4573
  • Call a local shelter for information or support, Passage Program, at 716.285.6984.
  • Find a trusted, supportive individual and talk about the abuse.


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