Right-of-Way Permitting

The City’s right-of-way includes the street as well as the sidewalk that is parallel with the street, the grass margin (where applicable), the curb, and driveway apron on the front portion of the property.

Any work performed in the City’s right-of-way must be completed by an insured and bonded contractor registered to work in the City Of Niagara Falls. A list of current approved contractors is available in the Engineering Department. (Include list of Contractors via pull down)

Listed below are the types of work typically performed in the City’s also right-of-way that requires an Engineering Permit and the corresponding permit fee:

Type of Work (Permit Fee)

  • Sidewalk installation or replacement ($40.00)
  • New driveway apron installation, curb cut, or apron replacement ($40.00)
  • Water line installations and repairs ($80.00)
  • Storm or Sanitary Sewer installations and repairs ($80.00)

(Utility companies such as gas, electric, telephone and cable are required to obtain an Engineering Permit for any work performed in the City’s right-of-way at a fee of $80.00)

Niagara Falls
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