Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

As a Code Enforcement Department, our primary objective and duty is to protect the public safety through the enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code together with all local codes and ordinances.

It is our duty and responsibility to assist the residents of the municipality in their efforts to comply with all codes and ordinances pursuant to the following: new construction residential remodeling and additions.

The Code Enforcement Department shall assist persons interested in commercial and/or industrial development. This Department shall address new construction, additions, and renovation of commercial/industrial parcels.

The Code Enforcement Department considers it our duty and responsibility to assist all persons in their efforts to comply with building codes and local statutes in a courteous, efficient and professional manner.

Official Copy of Niagara Falls Zoning Ordinance, amended 9.15.2021.

Description of Duties
  • Issuance of building, sign, plumbing and electrical permits.
  • Review of plot plans and surveys pursuant to zoning compliance.
  • Response to complaints.
  • Assist applicants with regard to Zoning Board of Appeals review.
  • Building plan review for new construction, additions, and remodeling.
  • Issuance of Certificates of Compliance, Occupancy and Capacity.
  • Issuance of zoning compliance letters and related correspondence.
  • Registration of home improvement, electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors.
  • Landlord Rental & Property Owner Registration.
  • The Code Enforcement Department welcomes your call should there be questions.
Code Enforcement Staff
Name & Email Title Telephone
Clifford Scott Acting Director of Code Enforcement (716) 286-4492
Jessie Boliver Code Enforcement/Sign & Zoning Officer (716) 286-4387
Michael Lopez Chief Plumbing Inspector (716) 286-4452
Melissa Sparks Code Enforcement Officer (716) 286-4347
Joseph Vaccarella Code Enforcement Officer (716) 286-4459
Dennis Hengst Code Enforcement Officer (716) 286-4364
Krista Urso Administrative Assistant (716) 286-4450
Nina Manzare Building/Safety Inspector (716) 286-4324
Annemarie Tornabene Account Clerk/Landlord Registration (716) 286-4464

We are issuing permits through email or over the phone at this time. Work must comply with all NYS COVID-19 guidelines.
Please check the NY State website if you have any COVID-19 related questions. 

During this Pandemic the City is asking that all permitting, licensing, property registration  and general questions be done over the phone and through email. If you must visit City Hall you as asked to call and make an appointment with this department as only the first floor of City Hall is open. 

PLEASE NOTE: We now accept credit and debit card payments (with a fee).

At this time we ARE accepting credit card payment over the phone for all permits and licensing with an additional convenience fee. 

As of January 2018, a CE-200 State Exemption form MUST be completed online and submitted to the Code Enforcement Department in order to process any building permit. Contractors and building owners that carry NYS  Disability and Compensation insurance are exempt from this requirement. The CE-200 Exemption form can be found here.

Instructions for the CE-200 exemption form can be found here. We also have a paper application that can be filled out in our office and sent in to the State.
Once the CE-200 is approved it must be brought in to apply for your permit.



Online Inspection Documents

frequently asked question
When is a building permit required?

A building permit is required in most instances for all work exclusive of painting and minor cosmetic improvements.

Is a building permit required if I am doing the work myself or if I am replacing something on my property?

A building permit is still required whether you  are doing the work yourself or having a licensed contractor do the work.  Additionally if you are replacing an existing fence or structure on your property a permit is still required as the zoning and building code may have changed and placement that was once allowed may not be any longer.

Additionally, in your best interests you are advised to contact the Code Enforcement Department should you be contemplating improvements to your building/structure regarding permit requirements.