Animal Complaints

If you are Reporting A Vicious Dog You may call the Niagara Fall Police Department at 716.286.4711. There is a form available on this website to report vicious dogs which may be impacting the quality of life in your neighborhood.

Residents may submit complaints anonymously

A vicious Dog is defined as one that:

  • Approached any person unprovoked in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack on public streets, sidewalks, parks or any public right of way.
  • Aggressively bitten, attacked, endangered or otherwise inflicted injury or death on a domestic animal off its owners property while unprovoked.
  • A dog that was involved in more than one (1) instance of a menacing nature.
  • Aggressively  bitten, attacked, endangered or otherwise inflicted severe personal injury on a human either on public or private property.