PHA Plan

Niagara Falls Public Housing Authority (PHA) Administrative Plan

The Niagara Falls PHA Administrative Plan provides the policies and procedures for administration of the Section 8 Leased Housing Program. The Niagara Falls PHA Administrative Plan can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

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Admin Plan Table of Contents
Admin Plan Introduction
Chapter 1: Overview of the Program and Plan
Chapter 2: Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Chapter 3: Eligibility
Chapter 4: Applications, Waiting List and Tenant Selection
Chapter 5: Briefings and Voucher Issuance
Chapter 6: Income and Subsidy Determinations
Chapter 7: Verification
Chapter 8: Housing Quality Standards and Rent Reasonableness Determinations
Chapter 9: General Leasing Policies
Chapter 10: Moving with Continued Assistance and Portability
Chapter 11: Reexaminations
Chapter 12: Termination of Assistance and Tenancy
Chapter 13: Owners
Chapter 14: Program Integrity
Chapter 15: Special Housing Types
Chapter 16: Program Administration
Chapter 17: Project-Based Vouchers
Chapter 18: Moderate Rehabilitation Program