Fire Department
The Niagara Falls Fire Department (NFFD) protects a population of over 50,000 residents and between 20-25 million visitors per year. Our response area covers approximately 17 square miles of mixed properties including residential, industrial, municipal and county buildings. We are bordered by the Niagara River on two sides; consisting of the upper and lower rivers. The upper river with its rapids provides our department with opportunities for swift water rescues as well as other potential life safety issues. The lower river and the Niagara Gorge provide us with technical rescues and wild land fire potential.

The NFFD is certified to respond to all medical emergencies experienced by our residents and visitors to Niagara Falls. These include auto extrications, industrial accidents, and general medical assistance calls. The NFFD responds to over 7,000 calls per year on average.

The citizens and visitors of Niagara Falls are protected by a staff of 139 persons commanded by a Fire Chief who is appointed by the Mayor. The Fire Chief is assisted by two civilian staff individuals and the remaining staff are uniformed fire personnel. We currently operate five fire stations and seven pieces of apparatus staffed with a minimum of three personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an on-duty minimum staffing of 26 firefighters and officers. In addition, we also staff a Fire Prevention Division, a Training Division, and an Apparatus Division. We also staff five fire dispatchers that work under the City of Niagara Falls Police Department Budget / Emergency 911, that handle receiving emergency 911 phone calls and dispatching of emergency apparatus.

The NFFD members are represented by two unions: one designated for Fire Fighters (local 714) and one for Fire Officers (local 3359). All members of the fire department are highly visible in the community and are regarded as community service advocates and repeatedly assist in the city when needed.
The Niagara Falls Firefighters are most proud of their annual Firefighters Christmas Toy Fund. They conduct a telethon each year (along with other fund raising events at this time of year), securing donations and support of individuals and businesses in Niagara Falls and the surrounding communities. They then use 100% of the funds generated to help the less fortunate people in the community during the holiday season to include purchasing toys for children, hosting a Christmas party and dinner for some residents of adult care facilities in the area, and purchasing winter apparel for less fortunate children. Finally, year round they provide assistance to families who are the victims of fire or other disasters.

Mission Statement:

The Niagara Falls Fire Department members are committed to ensuring the safety of its citizens and visitors of Niagara Falls and enhancing our community’s quality of life.

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