City of Niagara Falls Police Department Roving Anti-Crime Information (RAC)

Unit Phone Number: 716.286.4711

Unit Mission, purpose and goals: The primary mission of the Niagara Falls Police Department Roving Anti-Crime unit is to serve the citizens of Niagara Falls in a manner that incorporates community orientated policing with proactive crime fighting strategies.

The goal of R.A.C., through weekly crime analysis meeting also known as COMPSTAT, is to determine crime trends and nuisance problems within the City of Niagara Falls and assign Roving Anti-Crime unit members to solve these problems by creative, proactive means.

Due to the success of a part time R.A.C. Unit during the summer of 1998, a full time R.A.C. Unit was formed in January 1999. R.A.C. is headed by a supervisory officer who is the unit commander. The R.A.C. Commander reports to and takes direction from the Deputy Superintendent of Police. R.A.C. is currently manned by seven officers with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise within our department.

Along with input from police shift commanders and senior administrators, the R.A.C. Unit relies heavily on block club members and other citizens to be the “eyes and ears” of the Niagara Falls Police Department and report nuisance problems and criminal activity.

The R.A.C. Unit operates with great flexibility in scheduling. Officers may also work in uniform or plain clothes, depending on their current assignment. In addition to vehicle patrol, R.A.C. Officers often perform their assignments while walking, on bicycle, or sitting on a park bench.

Roving Anti-Crime Unit officers first priority is to address immediate threats or concerns to our citizens and visiting tourists. When no specific assignment is in place, R.A.C. Officers maintain high visibility and concentrate their efforts on potential problems created by the congregation of people for the purpose of engaging in the illegal activities of narcotics, gambling, prostitution and other “quality of life” offenses.

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