City of Niagara Falls Police Department Narcotics Information

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Unit Phone Number: 716.286.4591

The Narcotics and Intelligence Division, formerly the Criminal Intelligence Unit, is comprised of 9 detectives, 1 Detective Lieutenant and 1 Detective Captain. Of the 9 detectives, one is assigned to the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration and another to the Terrorism Task Force.

The Narcotics and Intelligence Division (N.I.D.) Is primarily responsible for investigating any narcotics activity. The detectives’ focus is to target drug suppliers and dealers, and arrest them for criminal prosecution. This is accomplished by the use of informants, undercover buys with Police Officers, and buy-bust operations. The N.I.D. also utilizes other police agencies, such as the New York State Police, C-NET, to infiltrate the drug community and make narcotic purchases with undercover Police Officers. The N.I.D. also relies on the citizens to report any suspicious drug activity. This information can be given to the N.I.D. by calling the confidential tip-line at 286-4591. All information is protected.

The N.I.D. is also responsible for alcohol-related incidents involving licensed establishments. This includes allegations of underage sales and sales of alcohol without a license. We also assist the State Liquor Authority in regulating and investigating all licensed bars and taverns in Niagara Falls.

The N.I.D. also investigates illegal gambling, and collecting all organized crime intelligence. The Division is also available to the Superintendent of Police to conduct any sensitive investigation he assigns it.

Although the description of the N.I.D.’s activities is brief, its goal remains constant: To rid the City of Niagara Falls of all illegal and criminal activity and make the environment safe for its citizens. Each member of the N.I.D. is committed to that goal.

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