City of Niagara Falls Police Department Crime Scene Unit (CSU)

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Unit Phone Number: 716.286.4576

csu_sign-smThe Niagara Falls Police Department Crime Scene Unit is responsible for the documentation, collection, and analysis of physical evidence. This includes the photography, videotaping, and sketching of all major crimes scenes along with written documentation. Crime Scene Unit Officers process scenes for all possible physical evidence including fingerprints, hairs, fibers, trace evidence, biological material, bloodstain patterns, footwear tread impressions, ballistic evidence, and DNA. CSU Officers also attend post mortem autopsies of un-natural death victims and process the victims for physical evidence; often times identifying unknown decedents through fingerprint analysis.

All Unit members have completed the New York State Bureau of Municipal Police Crime Scene and Evidence Specialist Course, the New York State Bureau of Municipal Police Crime Scene Photography Course and the FBI Science of Fingerprint Courses (basic and advanced) along with extensive additional training in various crime scene forensic disciplines.

Officers from the unit have been qualified to give expert testimony in a court of law in the forensic disciplines of crime scene reconstruction, latent fingerprint comparison, footwear tread impression analysis, bloodstain pattern analysis, ballistic trajectory analysis, and forensic photography.

The unit maintains a forensic identification crime scene laboratory which utilizes numerous instruments including a Rofin Polilight® PL500 Forensic Alternate Source, A Sirchie ® FX8B Forensic Optical Comparator, a Cyanoacrylate Vacuum Fuming Chamber, and a Pathfinder ® Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter. Also a state of the art Mobile Crime Scene Laboratory, by Sirchie Labs, is in their arsenal of equipment available to respond to any type of crime scene.

The Unit performs all crime scene processing functions as well as several additional evidence examinations which are completed in the unit lab. The Crime Scene Unit works in conjunction with the Niagara County Forensic Laboratory for the completion of more extensive forensic evaluations beyond the scope of the units’ local capabilities, such as DNA analysis, Serology, Ballistic Identification, and Toxicology.

In addition to crime scene duties the unit is also charged with the management of the department’s mug shot and fingerprint processing of arrested persons and the maintenance of breathalyzer equipment and documentation.

***Please Note: CSU no longer offers civil finger printing. The State of New York now requires civilian fingerprints to be submitted electronically. All public fingerprinting inquiries can be directed to the McGuire Group @ 1-(877)-472-6915


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