City of Niagara Falls Police Department Booking

bkng2-smUnit Mission, Purpose and Goals: The Niagara Falls Police Department Booking Division is commanded by a Police Captain and is comprised of 3 Officers who are permanently assigned to booking. Patrol Officers supplement the Booking Division when additional personnel are needed. 7 detention aids are assigned to the female cellblock area. One Detention Aid is on duty when female prisoners are in custody. The main function of the Officers and Detention Aid in the Booking Division is to process incoming prisoners. This includes the filing of a New York State Arrest Report. The inventory of prisoner’s property when they are not going to be immediately released from custody and the monitoring of prisoners to ensure their safety and well being. The male cellblock consistsof 24 cells and the female area consists of 8 cells.

bkng1-smIn 2000 the Niagara Falls Police Department booked 6,053 people for various charges. In addition approximately 3,000 prisoners from other facilities were held in the Niagara Falls Jail for court proceedings in Niagara Falls City Court. Other duties performed by booking Officers are checking for local and nationwide warrants for all persons booked or brought from other jails, escorting prisoners from their cells to be fingerprinted and photographed, escorting prisoners to court for arraignments and other court proceedings, accepting bail and filing the necessary forms, issuing appearance tickets, the ordering of meals for prisoners and escorting prisoners from their cells to meet with lawyers and personnel from social agencies

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