Small Business Support

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Small Business Support
What is it?
The Small Business Support Fund (SBSF) is a commercial renovation program administered by Niagara Falls Community Development (NFCD) and funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The SBSF is a reimbursable grant program for business owners to cover commercial project expenses up to 50% of total project cost within the Niagara Falls Community Development Area.

Applicants are asked to present a detailed project plan and budget.  NFCD staff will review applications and make awards. For application submission information, please contact us at 716-286-8802.

To fill out the application, click the link below:

SBSF Application

Renovation Priorities
  • Exterior renovation, code violation correction, and beautification
  • Buildings that include available residential units
  • Interior renovations that include improvements that will add lasting value to the building beyond business-specific use
  • All renovations must be in compliance with relevant and established municipal code and design standards
  • Energy conservation measures
Eligible Renovation Types
  • Exterior renovations, entryways, exterior lighting, and signage
  • Structural repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • Mechanical and building system repairs or installation
  • Interior demolition and renovation
  • Interior build-out
Ineligible Renovation Types
  • Business-specific equipment (interior)
  • Furnishing (interior)
How to Apply
Submit the application found below, which includes the SBSF Application Cover Sheet, a Letter of Intent, and the requested documentation.

SBSF Application

More specific information will be discussed at the meeting with NFCD, scheduled upon receipt of the SBSF Application.