NF Cart FAQs



*Please note the following information is for city of Niagara falls residents. Some restrictions may apply. Please call the department of public works with any questions. 716-286-4840

General Information:

What’s the difference between the recycling cart and trash cart?
Recycling cart is larger, is the color green, and holds 96 gallons.
Trash cart is smaller, is the color blue, and holds 64 gallons.

Can I label the carts with my address?
You can use a sticker or duct tape on the cart, but carts cannot be marked permanently.
The carts are the property of the City of Niagara Falls and will stay at the house where they are assigned to. If you move, your carts stay behind.

Do I have to bag my trash or can I still put it in loose?
All trash must be bagged and placed inside the blue 64 gallon cart.

Do I have to bag my recycling or can I put it in loose?
Recyclables cannot be bagged and must be placed loose in the recycling cart.

Collection Information:

Why is recycling collection changing to every other week?
There is a cost savings associated with every other week recycling pickup. It also has the added benefits of reducing the environmental & infrastructure impact compared to having collection vehicles on the street every week.
By changing to a cart based recycling program residents will have a much larger storage capacity than their current recycling bin. Because of this increase there is less need to have it picked up every week.

How will I know what week to put out my recycling?

Please check the “A/B Week” schedule on the left column of the page

Are there any changes to my trash pickup?
Collection days have not changed, trash will continue to be picked up weekly.
Trash will only be collected in the blue 64 gallon cart. If you have excess trash and are at a residential property, a Free Dump Permit is available at the Department of Public Works (1785 New Road).

What if I have large bulky items too big to fit in my trash cart?
Residents will be able to place a total of one (1) large bulk item out weekly. Large bulk items include furniture or items that do not fit inside the cart. Electronics, hazardous waste, tires, and construction debris are not accepted at the curb. Spring and Fall cleanup dates will be listed on your calendar.

Please note: ONE bag of trash may be placed out instead of a bulk item.

What do I do with Yard Waste and Leaves?
Place them in a clear bag or paper craft lawn bag and place them next to your blue cart from April through November. Limit of 10 per week.  If they fit in your Blue trash cart, they can be in any color bag.

What do I do with Tires?
Please call your local scrap yard or tire shop.

What do I do with Household Chemicals and Hazardous Items?
Please call The Niagara County Department of Public Works to make an appointment at one of their authorized drop off sites 716-439-7250

What do I do with Electronics?
City of Niagara Falls Residents can bring electronics such as televisions and computers to  at the Department of Public Works (1785 New Road). Certain restrictions may apply.

CART Repairs & Replacement:

Who fixes the carts if a wheel or lid comes off?
Please contact the City of Niagara Falls at 286-4840 if your cart needs any parts repaired or replaced.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my carts?
Please contact the City of Niagara Falls DPW Department at 286-4840 for all cart related issues.

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